Grab Lorry Hire Cambridge

Grab Lorry Hire in Cambridge with a Modern Fleet

Boxfast Plant Ltd has invested heavily in our vehicle fleet to keep up with growing customer needs, requirements and environmental issues. Our continued success is down to our policy of re-investment in our company’s main assets. We operate a modern fleet of vehicles that are fitted with extending arm capacity.


Environmentally Aware

Environmental issues and their effect on the community are matters which we feel passionately about. With extensive knowledge of this ever changing market we are happy to supply advice and the most affordable way of achieving the correct solution.


Up To Date Legislation

Boxfast Plant also keeps you updated with any changes to legislation so you know that our advice is always up to date.


Contact Us

Please call on 01480 831 794 with any questions or requirements or to receive a fast, accurate quote. We are ready for your call and look forward to hearing from you.