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Concrete Pump Service

Our concrete pump service allow the precise delivery of volumetric concrete to a wide range of locations.

Boxfast have been delivering concrete pump service of the highest quality for over two decades. Also known as boom pumps, similarly they can deliver any volume of concrete. This removes the need for excessive manual labour, at a flow rate suited to requirements. Our concrete pump services allow us to accurately place concrete, exactly where it is needed. Reducing time, waste and money.


Over what distance can you pump concrete?

Our lorry mounted boom extends to 32 metres. Additional sectional pipework can be added, as a result, we can currently deliver over a distance of 110 metres. This is more than adequate for most sites, well within the capability of our concrete pump service.

Concrete pumps have been in use since the 1950’s. Since they were first used on domestic, commercial and civil projects. They’ve proved invaluable in all types of application.


Can you pump concrete vertically?

It is possible to pump concrete vertically. Our concrete pump allows both horizontal and vertical delivery. Being able to reach several stories high and ‘over’ most houses provides a valuable solution on a range of scenarios, particularly with limited space.

Need a quote for BoxFast concrete pump services?

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